Selected to be exhibited at FIT Graduation Exhibition 2021 – AAS, our Fashion Design Program student Alara Alarcin's patchwork dress titled "Oriental Breeze" is inspired by eastern culture, modern Egyptian and Indian art.

Since the purpose of the design, which includes the colorful fabrics brought by the eastern breeze, oriental patterns, geometric shapes and the mystery of shape-color confusion, is to design a recycled product, each piece in the dress is either cut from leftover fabrics from previous projects or from various shawl-like clothing and accessories.

Designs, in which both knitted and woven fabrics are used together, it is possible to see many natural and synthetic fabric types from satin to wool, from viscose to polyester. On the other hand, it was desired to give the dress a more natural and shabby atmosphere by making several different vibrantly colored overlock stitches outward rather than inward. Since the harmony of so many different elements reflects Istanbul and Hagia Sophia, which has a universal value, it was preferred to shoot the design in front of the fascinating Hagia Sophia Mosque.

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