Graduate Theses of 2024

    • Environmental Impact and Sustainability of Recycling Tufted Carpets Through Selective Dissolution Process
    • Use of Erp (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the Textile and Development of an Existing Erp Software
    • Development of E-Textile Based RFID Enabled Moisture Sensor For Wearable Technologies
    • Investigation of Physical Performance of Denim Fabrics Washed with Sustainable Foam Washing Process
    • Development of a Gas Sensing Nanofibrous Membrane for Asthma Detection

Graduate Theses of 2023

    • A Study to Increase Capacity and Develop Strategy for the Turkish Clothing Industry
    • Examination of Acoustic Properties of Polymer Coated Nonwoven Textiles
    • Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Small Caliber Fibrous Vascular Grafts
    • Design and Development of PVA/Hydrocortisone Loaded Xerogel Nanofibrous Mat for Topical Drug Delivery
    • Detection and Analysis for Microplastics Originating from the Textile Industry
    • Improving the Comfort Properties of Spacer Fabrics for Sportswear Applıcations
    • Development of a Novel Drying Algorithm for Reducing Dimensional Change on Cotton Textiles During Tumble Drying
    • Investigation of the Effect of Drum Speed and Air Flow Rate on Dimensional Change, Pilling and Fiber Release in Textiles in Dryers with Heat Pump
    • Development and Characterızatıon of Nanofıbrous Structures for Atopıc Dermatıtıs Treatment
    • The Effect Of Fiber Cross-Section Shape And Filament Number On The Thermal Comfort Properties Of Nylon 6 Knitted Fabrics
    • Development of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites with Flame Retardant Fillers
    • Production of Bimodal Functional Non-Woven Air Filters and Characterization of Their Permeability Properties

Graduate Theses of 2022

    • Fabrication And Characterization of Biodegradable Fibrous Webs for Vascular Graft Structures
    • Improving Electrostatic Filtration Performance of Polyvinylidine Fluoride (PVDF) Nanofibers Produced via Electro Blowing Method