Istanbul Technical University (ITU) was established in 1773, during the time of the Ottoman Sultan Mustafa III, under its original name “Muhendishane-i Bahr-i Humayun”. Since then ITU continued and developed its higher education in various forms. ITU is a state university which defines and continues to update methods of engineering and architecture in Turkey. It provides its students with innovative educational facilities while retaining traditional values, as well as using its strong international contacts to mould young, talented individuals who can compete not only within their country borders but also in the global arena. This synergetic structure is supported by ITU alumni associations and foundations, which are obviously open to all ITU graduates including textile engineering ones.

There have been approximately 1700 graduates from ITU Textile Engineering Department. For registration to the Faculty Alumni Data Base, the graduates  may send their contact  information via e-mail to the address: 

ITU Alumni Information System

ITU Alumni Platform

Alumni Associations and Foundations

Istanbul Technical University Union
ITU Alumni Association
Antalya ITU Alumni Association
Izmir ITU Alumni Association
ITU Alumni International Organization
ITU Foundation