Double Major Program Criteria

The list of points to be considered in the selection of candidates applying for the Double Major Program at ITU Textile Technology and Designs Faculty, Textile Engineering Department is given below;

Points to consider for nomination:

In each academic year, a total of 5 students will be accepted for the Double Major Program application.
Their distribution (valid for the main list):

3 students for the 3rd semester (2nd year)

2 students for the 5th semester (3rd year)

A maximum of 1 (one) student will be accepted from each department. A maximum of 2 students will be accepted from faculties with more than one department.
In the selection of students, quota, grade point averages and department preference order will be taken into consideration. In case of a tie, the university exam result can be taken into account.
In case the quota cannot be filled, the reserve list will be determined by taking the above into consideration (provided that it is in the list).
The order of preference of the Departments of the students applying for the Double Major Program in the Textile Engineering Department is given below:

Chemical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Management Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Chemistry (Science-Literature)

For detailed information about Double Major and Minor Programs, click here.

The Textile Engineering Minor Program, updated according to the new course plan after 2021-2022 Fall, is as follows:

Course Name         Course Code       
TEK 116 E              Fiber Science
TEK 233E               Introduction to Yarn Spinning,
TEK 234E               Weaving Preparation 
TEK 254E               Knitting Technology
TEK 345E               Clothing Technology
TEK 307E               Textile and Garment Testing
TEK 304E               Yarn Spinning Technologies
TEK 306E               Weaving Technology
TEK 302E               Int. to Coloration&Finishing Prc
TEK 401E               Design of Woven Fabrics