Ongoing Projects


    • Blackout (Lightproof) Fabric Design Made of Hollow (C-section) Bicomponent Filament Yarns with Improved Acoustic Properties
    • Development of Coated Textile Materials Containing Nanoparticle Protecting from X-Rays
    • Lower Body Exoskeleton System with Flexible Clothing
    • Development of Multifunctional, High-Value Added Glass/Carbon Woven Reinforced Lightweight Composites with Porous Insulating Materials with Improved Sound and Heat Insulation
    • The Use of Carbon Nanofibers Produced by Centrifugal Spinning System in Sodium Ion Batteries
    • Detection, Analysis and Development of Appropriate Solution Methods of Microfibers Separated from Textile Waste Water with Different Methods
    • Development and Characterization of Nano Fibrous Structures for Atopic Dermatitis Treatment
    • Investigation of Ballistic Properties of Two-Dimensional (2D) Woven Fabrics Strengthened by Shear-thickening Liquids
    • A study using multi-criteria decision-making method in order to increase capacity and develop strategy in the Turkish Clothing industry
    • Solventfree Production of a Polymerbased Membrane with Enhanced Hydrophilicity and Porosity
    • Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Small Diameter Vascular Grafts
    • Sustainable Electronic, Protective and Medical Textile Applications of Poplar Fibers
    • Observation of autograft formation and holistic analysis of the pre-clinical process by long-term implantation of double-layered small-caliber vascular grafts made of biodegradable polymeric fibers into the porcine carotid artery
    • Development of Textile-Based Robotic Structures for Drop Foot Syndrome

Completed Projects

    • 2021
    • 2020