The "Innovative Technologies and Technical Textiles" project competition, which allows students studying Textile Engineering to present their technical and innovative perspectives, was evaluated by the project committee and announced. In the project competition organized with the contributions of Tepar Tekstil, Inovenso and Areka, scholarships will be given to the students who are entitled to a degree.

In the competition, the results of which were announced, ITU Textile Engineering 3rd student İbrahim Işık was deemed worthy of the Jury Honorable Mention Award. Our student stated that he aimed to develop a texturing method by considering the thermal properties of acrylic filament in his project titled "Application of Texturing to Acrylic Filament Yarn". In this regard, he proposed that the bonds between polymer chains are destroyed by using 100 °C steam in the heating process of acrylic filament yarn for texturing purposes and texturing processes can be carried out easily.

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