Our faculty members, Assoc. Prof.Dr. Umut Kıvanç Şahin, Res.Assist. Hatice Açıkgöz Tufan, Res.Assist. Elçin Emekdar and Eren Retail R&D Center members Muhammed Fatih Yüksel and Durul Büşra Dilden were awarded the second prize in the Most Innovative Scientific-Based Project Category at RDCONF (International Conference on Design, Research and Development) R&D and Innovation Awards 2021 with the project that named “One-Step Easy-Care & Softening Finishing of Knitted Cotton Fabric”.

Within the scope of the project, crosslinking and softening functions were achieved in one step by using cationic modified softeners instead of the resins applied to the fabrics for anti-wrinkle and softness. In this way, chemical load and process times have been reduced, and water, energy and labor savings have been achieved with the reduction in the number of baths.

We congratulate our esteemed faculty members and wish them continued success.