The International Textile and Fashion Congress (ITFC) hosted by the Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design, was completed successfully with over 150 participants from 3 continents. The congress, inaugurated by our vice rector and attended by industry leaders, featured a range of topics from smart textiles to nanotechnology.

The event started with the opening speeches of our vice rector, Prof. Dr.Şule Itır Satoğlu, İHKİB Vice Chairman of the Board Mustafa Paşahan, İTHİB Board Member Besim Özek, YÜNSA Operations Manager Engin Sarıbüyük, also hosted expert invited speakers from different disciplines, such as Prof.Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Dr. Rudolf Hufenus, Prof.Dr. Alper İlki, Arzu Kaprol, and Assist. Prof.Dr. Amy Sperber. From earthquakes to pandemics, from environmental pollution to social norms, the topics discussed in which textile and fashion sought solutions were held online or with physical participation.

In ITFC2023, where R&D and Design Centers participated intensively as well as academicians from different disciplines, presentations were made on many innovative topics, from smart textiles to nanotechnology, from industry 4.0 to digitalized fashion trends.

Our sponsors who contributed to the realization of ITFC2023 are; Textile Employers' Union, İHKİB, İTHİB, YÜNSA, INOVENSO, BOSSA, HASSAN, KARINCA TEKSTİL, OBA, SANKO and RB KARESİ. Dalya Turizm carried out the organization of the congress, which was promoted with the support of IBB Media.

The congress, which is planned to be held for the second time in 2025, is aimed at turning into a common platform for national and international collaborations that bring industry and academia together.

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