Test Device Donation from İTKİB to Our Laboratory

by Elçin Emekdar Karaman | Dec 19, 2022

Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' Association (İTKİB) donated a Tensile Strength Test Device (Zwick, Germany) to our Textile and Apparel Quality Control and Research Laboratory. The device, which allows numerous yarn and fabric strength tests to be performed and has a key importance in mechanical tests, has started to be used in the industrial services and academic studies of our TÜRKAK-accredited laboratory.

We would like to thank İTKİB for their valuable support.

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İTÜ Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design

Textile Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) is the first and the single one offering textile engineering education in Istanbul, and also comes first among the top textile engineering schools in Turkey. Its history could be traced back to 1955; the year in which the textile division was established in the body of Mechanical Engineering. The school gained its current name and independent status in 1983. Therefore, it is obvious that the Textile Engineering Department is fairly new compared to the history of İTÜ stretching back to 240 years.


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