The founders of the Flatout901 brand, our Fashion Design and Textile Development and Marketing Program students Nazlı Akan and Yiğit Özer, launched their first collection, "First Drop", which they started working on in May 2020, on their website in December.

Nazlı Akan describes the process of brand formation as follows:“Flatout901 was born with a dream, the combination of the common knowledge of two friends and the support they received from their relatives. It takes a lot of thinking to start a business, but if you don't act, you'll just be thinking. At that moment, we said to ourselves, "We have to start", and despite all the obstacles in front of us, we took the first step on the road to our dream. The combination of a fashion designer and a textile marketing student put us 1-0 ahead. We were not two friends with the same ideas, but we knew very well how to complement each other. We tried to put pieces from our own lives and dreams in our products, and it is very exciting to see some of them on people, even if we only understand them. Although we combine different elements in our inspiration, "street" has always played the most important role. While skateboard is the building block of our first collection, we are thinking of blending the surf theme with Flatout901 in our summer collection by adding a little bit of ourselves.”

The brand aims to tell the stories of its designers all over the world by expanding its sales channels in 2022.