The project titled "Capacity Building & Training to Develop Textile Based Electronic Skin to Enable Human Robot Interaction for The Assistance of Older-Adults in Turkey & The Economic Growth of the Turkish Textile Sector", coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. İkilem Göcek, was supported by the Newton-Katip Çelebi Fund.

Within the scope of the project carried out with Coventry University from England, it is aimed to design "friendly" robots that will facilitate the lives of elderly individuals by making textile surfaces conductive and integrating them with robots.

Kadıköy Municipality is among the supporters of the project.

Click here for the news of the Kadıköy newspaper about the project.

Project team
Assoc. Prof. İkilem Göcek - Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Cevza Candan - Researcher
Prof. Dr. Burçak Karagüzel Kayaoğlu - Researcher
Lecturer Rüveyde Oder - Researcher
Beste Aktürk (Graduate Student) – Researcher