Kipaş Holding will transfer its 40 years of experience in the textile industry to Istanbul Technical University Textile Engineering students.

Kipaş Holding, which is a sponsor within the scope of internship programs, aims to provide students with professional knowledge and experience in yarn, weaving, dyeing-finishing and laboratory operations.

Hosting approximately 60 students within the scope of the program, Kipaş Holding provides students with internship opportunities within the framework of the principles determined according to the duration and subject of the undergraduate education, in order to reinforce the theoretical and applied knowledge gained in undergraduate education.

Kipaş Holding Chairman of the Board Mehmet Hanefi Öksüz stated that they always support successful and hardworking young people as a holding.

Öksüz conveyed his wishes for success to the students in a statement on the subject and said:

“As Kipaş Holding, our aim is to enable our successful, hardworking and idealistic young people to reach important positions in their professional lives and to transfer our experiences to them in the most efficient way so that they can support our country's economy. We support our students from all universities in Turkey within the scope of our intern program. The main reason for our sponsorship of Istanbul Technical University is the great achievements of our university and its students in the field of textile. We also wanted our young people to see our hometown Kahramanmaraş, our culture and our investments closely. We welcome our students and wish them success in their internship programs and careers.'

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