Our faculty member Prof. Dr. Banu Nergis and Prof. Dr. Cevza Candan's TÜBİTAK 1505 project named “Blackout (Lightproof) Fabric Design Made of Hollow (C-section) Bicomponent Filament Yarns with Improved Acoustic Properties”, which they prepared with Küçükçalık Tekstil San. ve Tic. Inc. within the scope of the University-Industry Cooperation Program, was entitled to be supported.

Within the scope of this project, it is aimed to develop a “blackout” (lightproof) woven fabric with improved acoustic properties by using newly developed synthetic yarns made of bicomponent fibers of different cross-sections, especially with side-by-side gaps (C-section), as well as bicomponent filament yarns, which are within the company's production capabilities. It was stated that another aim of the project is to provide data and experience on the product and production processes required for further studies in the development of environmentally friendly acoustic blackout woven fabric structures with the use of recycled PET within the scope of sustainability studies.

Küçükçalık Textile Group, which produces woven fabrics for different end-use areas and has advanced synthetic yarn production line, also has a brand on acoustic products in national and international context.

Classification of bicomponent fibers according to their cross-sectional structure
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