Prof. Dr. Burçak Karagüzel Kayaoğlu and Assoc. Dr. İkilem Göcek's invention, "A Nonwoven Textile Based Microfluidic Device and Its Fabrication Method," won a silver medal at the Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF'22).

This study focuses on the fabrication of a novel, flexible and disposable textile based biosensing platform by the use of an absorbent microfibrous nonwoven substrate as the base material. In this platform fabricated by the photolithography technique, the physical barriers are designed using a hydrophobic photo-resistant polymer that defines the liquid penetration paths on the fabric surface. The potential of the system was tested by constructing an enzyme biosensor based on colorimetric detection of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This bio-sensing platform may be used for the rapid detection of various kinds of analytes such as glucose, lactic acid and uric acid.

We congratulate our esteemed faculty members and wish them continued success.