The results of the Athleisure Challenge Active Wear Design Competition, organized in collaboration with Retail, Apparel, and Textile Exporters' Associations from all over Turkey, under the coordination of the Turkish Exporters' Assembly and with the support of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey, have been announced. In this prestigious competition, our Textile Engineering students achieved great success, being awarded first and third places.

In the competition, the ReCos team, led by our student Ayşenur Memiş, made a significant achievement and won the first prize. Additionally, the LOOP team, consisting of Kevser Sağlamkol and Zeynep Yağmur Baydemir, was honored with the third prize.

We thank all our students who represented our faculty excellently in this competition. We hope for their continued success in the industry and wish them to achieve the same success in their future projects.